About CPOINt

CPOINt is a new way to create slideshows that can be viewed on many different operating systems. Most slideshow creating programs (not mentioning any names) are designed to only work with the operating system that they were created on. Some effort has been made to remedy this, but there are no fully cross platform solutions.

One of CPOINt's purposes is to create a new type of slideshow that can be viewed on older computers and newer. It is split into three projects: A light viewer, which can run on older machines such as pentiums and 486s. A "heavy" viewer for the newest computers, with all the animations and special effects you could need. And finally, a GTK based WYSIWYG editor.

Currently implemented features:
  • Button navigation (navigating with buttons on the slides)
  • Keyboard navigation (right arrow to move forward, left to move back)
  • Mouse navigation (clicking to move forward or back)
  • Truetype font support
  • Different backgrounds for each slide
  • Images
  • Light Viewer for Linux and Windows (SDL)
Planned Features
  • Basic animations (moving images/text/buttons)
  • GTK based graphical editor for slideshows (being developed)
  • Better Windows version
  • Mac OSX version
  • Text only version (for the console)
  • Slide transitions (fading, warping, bluring, etc)
  • Sound effects (music/sound)
  • tar.gz/tar.bz2 based format or ability to read tar.gz/tar.bz2 archives